Monday, May 17, 2010

Gone Tomorrow

The now of Tim Coster's "Here Today" is slippery, the piece is a layering of 3 different field recordings. Like all the Slidesound pieces it's played out into the street 24/7 adding a further field of sound.  The piece is beautifully mixed sweetly balanced but only behind the picture plane of the speaker after this point, out in the world, traffic noise eclipses the recording momentarily or the cold night air amplifies and carries it, exagerrating the tones. I'm starting to see this piece constructed not as layers, a convention promoted by audio editing software, but as nested recordings, one inside the other . To diagram the piece; music box tones sit inside a persistent and distant burgular alarm inside the sound of rain on styrofoam inside the brashness of Gertrude Street or wherever it is you listen to it. At home its a different piece entirely or on head phones on your bike. Its a nice kind of music that alerts you to the sounds around you after the auditory atrophy that years of city living brings on.

Here Today